Monday, February 7, 2011


I was riding in my friend's car the other day when he put on some "African"-ish kinda music, and I was jamming along enjoying it quite a bit. Then I stopped for a sec when I thought I heard the singer say "Warm Heart of Africa"! I was like "Dude, did he just say Warm Heart of Africa?" And he was like "Yeah that's the name of the whole album" and I was like "DUDE! Malawi IS the warm heart of Africa!!" and it was a huge epiphany moment when we were able to deduce that the artist actually is from Malawi (later confirmed by accessing Wikipedia with a Droid phone).

The artist I am referring to is The Very Best, and let me say, his music is THE JAM. With this new news of a really cool musical artist from Malawi, I have decided that one of my personal goals for my Peace Corps service is to find The Very Best, and make him my very best friend. Okay, even if he doesn't become my best friend, it's my hope that he is somewhere in Malawi during the next two years playing a show for me to hear! That would seriously be crazy awesome. So... we'll see. The Very Best, if you're out there reading this.... we should be friends.

17 days until I head to staging in Philadelphia... I really can't believe it. I haven't been nervous at all really, about leaving my friends and family, but now I am getting a little sad. Because I realize that I am leaving my whole life- and everyone else's lives will continue here and mine will become 100% new. And again, its not that I never realized this before, its just that now I am really feeling it. I know I will be fine, but I also know that the next 2.5 weeks will be hard. But the past few weeks have been really really fun and I know the next 2.5 will be too. It's kind of like I'm not even living my real life right now- every minute of my day involves me doing something, work and fun (oh and packing?), so I don't miss any life moment. Let me tell you, this has led to me not getting much sleep at all. It's hard work seizing the day so much! However, it turns out its not TOO bad functioning with so little sleep. I can say without any doubt that the lack of sleep has been totally worth it (although last night I had to crash a little early- and when I woke up at my couch at 3am I was very alarmed haha). My new phrase is "I'll sleep in Malawi", and hopefully, I will.

Well, I'm off to go continue with my quest to have the best life ever with all my very best friends and very best family nonstop. Whew!

(my goodbye party is this upcoming Sunday. There will no doubt be some sort of emotional post after that for you all to enjoy)

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