Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Greetings family and friends. I am sure that numerous times on here I have mentioned "that lodge my friend Matt owns". This phrase doesn't do justice to a lot of things- the lodge, what really goes on there, and Matt. So let me be more clear, so you might learn more about a really special place where I like to spend my free time.

The lodge I am constantly referring to is "Maji Zuwa", which means water and sun, in Chitumbuka. It was founded by my now dear friend, Matt Maroon. Matt was a (non-Peace Corps) volunteer in Malawi in 2006-2008, and was so moved much by his experience that he wanted to come to Malawi to stay. And so he founded Maji Zuwa- a beautiful, lakeshore lodge (about 50kilometers north of where I live), that is more than just that. Matt and his non-profit, Determined to Develop, do projects in the area to support the needs of the local villagers, and to help people help themselves. Matt also hosts about a dozen local orphaned boys at Maji Zuwa- providing housing, food, school fees, and the boys help out with work around the lodge. Matt had experience working with troubled youth in America and is a great role model for these young boys in need. If you go to Maji Zuwa and ask who works here or who doesn't, Matt will reply "We're all family here".

Clearly Maji Zuwa pretty special place- and Matt is a pretty special person, to have accomplished all of this by age 28. Now, it's time to get the word out about what's going on here so people can learn more about the plight of people in Malawi and to hopefully inspire people with Matt's story. Ben Blair is raising funds to produce a documentary about Matt and Maji Zuwa. I know that bringing Matt's story to the masses in the form of a documentary could inspire so many people, so I'm hoping you will be willing to contribute and pass along this information so people might be able to pledge.

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