Friday, February 25, 2011

@ Staging! Leaving soon!

My family dropped me off in Philadelphia after a wonderful day together, and now I am at staging with the other 45 or so trainees in my group! My roomie is my friend Kathi whom I met up with a few weeks ago with another trainee Ilana. We are having a blast! Everyone in the group is so nice, I haven't been introduced to everyone JUST yet, ice breakers are later this afternoon (woot woot). Last night about 10 of us went to get dinner and drinks at the oldest pub in Philadephia- it was a wonderful night. Our real informative sessions start at 12:15pm today. Looking forward to it!

We leave for JFK airport at 2am so you can catch me on my cell phone until then, and I will be online for a bit too I am sure. Kindle me if you can, I am connected to the hotel's free wi-fi :) Can't believe now I'm REALLY LEAVING so soon. I'm sure as soon as I unplug from life, the letter writing shall commence.

I love you all! Thanks for reading, I'm not sure if I'll update again before I go and I probably will NOT be updating during training (9weeks), as we are supposed to be pretty unplugged. So keep in touch with me via snail mail as best you can!! XOXO

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  1. Ahh! Where are you, how are you doing? It's been weeks!