Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Holla via Kindle

Hi Everyone! Because the Kindle is so awesome and now reads PDFs, you can send PDFs directly to my Kindle! I can download them for free when I am connected to a wi-fi network. I imagine that I will occasionally be connected to a wi-fi network, so I wanted to give you guys the info on how to get a friendly PDF to me :)

Make sure your document is in a PDF file, no other file will work. Address an email to and write "convert" in the subject line. Leave the body of the email blank. And hit send! When I connect my Kindle to wi-fi, your document will show up for my viewing pleasure :)

Of course, since my internet will be intermittent, I would say don't try to get any messages to me that are TOO important via this method. But I would love to get some fun messages this way. I will add a link to this info into my Keep In Touch tab so you don't lose it!

Also, I have to add your email to my approved receiving list for you to send it to my Kindle. If you have given me your mailing address, then I have probably recorded your email address into my address book and onto my Kindle approved list. So please make sure you get all your contact info to me!!

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