Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"I'm Hollow Inside"

Just kidding. I'm not hollow inside. The title of this blog will all make sense if you just read further.

Sunday the 13th was my going away party just for friends. I think it was originally supposed to be a surprise party, but my amazing sister Kara who hosted/planned figured it would be easier if I gave her a list of people who wanted to come. Kara and my mom and my other sister all planned the party on their own and without my input- which I appreciated, because besides the fact that my brain can hardly handle thinking about anything more anyway, but it kept it kind of surprisey. And as much as I love to throw a good party, sometimes its just fun to GO to one!

Everything that it takes for a great party was there- amazing amazing Angelo style party food, AND all of my very best friends that I love so sooo much. There were so many people there who came from near and far and every walk of my life, I was so touched. I was so happy to see everyone there that I was actually so overwhelmed during the party that I couldn't eat any of the party food!! Honestly- I was made nauseous by the overwhelming awesomeness because I was so happy. This was a feeling I had never experienced before. Luckily, I live at the house where all the leftovers were, so I've been eating the leftovers ever since.

And now, I am literally going to give a shout out to everyone who came to my party. I appreciate you guys coming so much and making the drive since we all don't live so close anymore. It was such a wonderful day and all of your friendships mean so much to me. I can't wait to be in touch with you guys over the next two years keeping up with the great things going on in all of your lives!! SHOUUUT OUUUUT- Gina, Shan ,Chris, Ian, Julia, Rachie, BBourne, Kdo, Leebooboo, Ashie, Bob, Alice, Mike, Alex, Cliff, Ryan, Andy, Brian, Casey, Caroline, Ms. Jane, Ms. Peggy... thank you for making the day so wonderful!!

One of my favorite gifts that I received from friends at the party is a "funny bunny" stuffed animal with the message "I'm Hollow Inside" written on the stomach. It is just hilariously ironic as he is a smiley bunny. I carried him around thru the entire party and he is coming to Malawi, just because... he has to. He is pretty stoked.

This post is delayed, and although there's only 2 days left til staging, there are more informative posts to come!! Love you all!

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