Sunday, January 2, 2011


I can hardly believe that it is a new year- or that I will be spending most of this year serving with Peace Corps in MALAWI!!! I can't wait to go. Just the change from 2010 to 2011 makes it seem so much closer... and it is!! 7 weeks and 4 days until staging... about that packing list... (I did get the pro-deal discount with Osprey, and just sent them an email asking about travel packs, so hey, I'm getting there!!)

I had a really wonderful new years. I spent new years' eve and most of new years day with my group of friends from high school. They make me laugh so much and I'm not sure I've ever laughed so much in 24 hours. They are a group of people that are so important to me and I will really miss them when I am gone. But never fail- I nominated two of them to be in charge of the "Don't Forget About Renee" committee. And my friend Mike who is a teacher- his class is going to be my correspondence match with the Worldwise Schools program (click to learn more)! It will be a cool way for us to keep in touch. And I've already planned a big night out in Baltimore before I go with all these peoples and more, so... it ain't my last hurrah just yet.

The fates aligned earlier today when I caught my Lesotho volunteer friend Mike on SKYPE! He happened to be on vacation in Capetown, South Africa at an internet cafe logged onto skype at the exact time that I logged onto Skype this morning. We were able to have a lovely video conversation and it was so nice to catch up- and so happy since we probably won't be able to video skype again.... until who knows when. He is planning on visiting Malawi when he COS's (close of service) in August 2012. So it will be awhile before I see him again, but it will be cool for us to be hanging out in Africa too.

I hope all of your new year is starting out just as wonderful!

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