Monday, January 3, 2011


By this Wednesday, everything I need to turn in will really be into the Peace Corps.

Tomorrow, I will be completing my dental forms and they will be sent in their beautiful next day FEDEX dental envelope to the Office of Medical Services. The dentist was totally understanding and made time for me to get done anything I needed tomorrow, in addition to a super awesome cleaning. When I get my final dental clearance, I am sending them a thank you card.

Of course my passport photos were wrong- because I was a wearing a headband, dammit. So after my dentist appointment, I'll be getting new photos to sent to the passport people as well.

Wednesday, I get the results of my PPD test (I was instructed to do this after my invitation because of my participation in the Rosslyn project). God willing, I don't have TB...

but I have a feeling there will be no hiccups in this last little bit of stuff I have to send off. And then I can really feel clear headed going thru my things and getting more things I need to take abroad with me. Needless to say... WOOOHOOO!!!!!!

(hey other invitees out there... besides a travel backpack, what kind of luggage are you thinking about bringing?? I have like a million questions and I had burdening them all on the people in my facebook group, haha... but seriously. Help. :)


  1. Hey Renee! I am bringing a big backpacking back pack (sounds redundant, but, yeah...) which has a detachable day pack that I will probably use as a carry-on. I am also planning to bring a rolling duffle bag...


    I got this for christmas (it's 58 of the 107 inches we're allowed) and will also be bringing a hiking backpack... for carry on probably a small duffle bag.

  3. someone else asked in my group and I'm thinking the rolling duffle is going to be in my plans along with a travel pack... now just to decide on my carry on, which I am hoping not to have to buy.