Monday, January 24, 2011

Somebody in Malawi loves Bernard.

Bernard has been attending the Best Friends Furever daycare group twice weekly for about two weeks. He loves it! He gets to play outside for 6 hours a day with puppies in his puppy size group (the teenies!). It is great for him to be able to run outside so much because that is really all he wants out of life. So he has lots of new pup and people friends, is getting more than adequate exercise, and yeay, I can rest at ease knowing he will be attending while I am gone.

Bernard has to wear a collar at daycare- something he does not like to do at home, as he prefers to live his life a wild untamed puppy. Since his collar is kinda big and has several tags on it (jingly jingly jingly jingly) I wanted to get him a more lightweight one to wear to daycare so it wouldn't impede him running and running and running. Then I realize that I should get him a tag for the collar... with my sister's phone number on it, instead of mine :( It broke my heart just the littlest bit. My puppy!!! I mean, hopefully he won't ever be lost that someone would need to even look twice at his tag, but you know. It was like just another thing for really leaving him behind.

Luckily, I got him a tag that came with engraving on the front and back. So the front says "Bernard Angelo" and my sister's number. The back says "MY MOMMY LOVES ME!" as my little message to him and the world that... I love my dog. (I was originally going to write "My Mom is in Malawi" but then my mom and I agreed that that might be confusing if someone found him and thought that his only owner was in a different country... haha)

Catch Bernard on Best Friend Furever's PuppyCam this Friday morning at 9:30am-12pm, and 2:00-5pm!

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