Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Nard Dog.

So I have this extremely cute dog. Here he is-
See how cute? His name is Bernard. Yes, I named him after Andy Bernard from The Office, and his nickname is the Nard Dog. I have loved Ed Helms since he was on The Daily Show, and Andy Bernard was the greatest addition to the greatest show ever [THE OFFICE!!] and my dog deserved this punny name. (also, check out Ed Helms supporting the Peace Corps here).

But he's not just a name. Let me tell you the story of me acquiring this extremely adorable dog. It was October 2009. I was living alone and working fulltime in the area where I went to college. My sister texted me asking if I wanted a kitten, as she a friend of hers' cat was going to have some. I was like HELL NO, because I don't like cats. But then I thought... do I want a pet?!?! (besides my extremely awesome betta fish The Red Baron!) and came to the very quick realization that I did want one. So I quickly (and I swear rationally... or do I mean rash-ly?) made the decision to look for a pup to adopt- no puppies, and no dogs too young. Gotta get a dog with his shiz together! So I went to and saw a picture of my adorable dog, smiling as he is in the picture above. His background is a mystery, he is probably between 5 and 8 years old... yes, he is an adorable mystery. And such a sweetie! I sent in my application to adopt him, and 4 days later he was in my apartment, hangin' around like he belonged there (he did).

Now, when I got this dog, I was not anticipating joining the Peace Corps anytime soon- nor did I anticipate that two months later I would be getting a letter from my organization letting me know that the funding for my position would not be renewed and I would be getting laid off within the next 9 months or sooner. AYYOO! Not cool. But by then me and Bernard were BFF, and he likes to travel (i.e. ride in the car, go anywhere, do anything, meet anyone) so I figured whatever adventure was going to happen next, he was game for coming along.

When I finally got laid off (June2010), that summer I was thinking of what to do next and started thinking about Peace Corps. Literally the only thing keeping me from immediately turning in my application was my pup!! And that was the first thing that most people asked when I said I was thinking about applying (Bernard is relatively famous). He was my main reservation. But my sister Kara (who Bernard will be living with while I am away) really put it in my head that now was the time in my life to do Peace Corps, and so I should. So I sent in my application, knowing that I would still have awhile with him before I left.

Now I really can't believe that me and my pup will be apart so soon. There is so much just weighing on my heart. Today, Bernard got a haircut and I won't see him in his overgrown fluffpup stage in person again until.... who knows when.
Overgrown Fluff Pup:

Cleaned Up New Pup/Gansta Gangst:

I love him. And I would probably be more concerned about leaving him if my family wasn't 350% dog people (I like to refer to us as EXTREME DOG PEOPLE! We really are) and if so many of my friends didn't truly love and care about his wellbeing. I know he will be fine. I really can't dwell on it anymore. Because I just have to go! It's my time. and I will be back to snuggle and watch The Office with him until the end of time so... no worries.

Friday my sister and I are going to check out a doggie daycare that Bernard may attend part time after I go, so he can get out of the house and socialize. Something else that will surely put my heart at ease.

(I doubt these will be the last pictures of Bernard on this blog, so I hope you think he's as cute as I do)

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