Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brain Melt.

I have a very serious case of brain melting. It means that... my brain is melting. It is because I have wayyy too many things to think about. Such as:

  • Packing List- I should make a packing list. It is mostly in my head. But I have been perusing other PC Malawi blogs and our facebook group trying to think of all the perfect things to bring. But a physically written down list... would be incredibly clutch. I could use that clutch move right now.
  • Going thru my things- I really feel as though I should go thru everything I own. And as far as I can tell, this seems to be something that all PCVs do so... I should really do it. I have been kind of half doing... not spending long periods of time, just seeing things and either throwing them away or separating them from my PC stuff. But I'm scared of it... I have too much stuff. I wish I had so much less... and I could have less, if I went thru it and gave it all away... catch 22.
  • finishing going over the Chichewa lessons... and then doing that about 10000x.
  • LEAVING FOR TWO YEARS AND MISSING EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING WAH (look for the upcoming post dedicated to my extremely adorable dog that I will hopefully not die without)

There's more, but my brain is so melty I can't even write. There are things that I am thinking about and kind of doing- making plans with all my friends and loved ones. This is making me extremely busy (in addition to work) and therefore makes it easy to put off packing/going thru crap. I like my friends WAYY better than I like my crap.

I also did start shopping for things I know I don't have and need. I got some Macabi skirts (they just came in the mail, they are SO COOL) with the PCV discount and I can tell they are going to be really useful- I wish I had them when I was in The Gambia! I got my North Face pro deal as well, so I did some shopping on there too, but still need to do some more. Whenever I shop I feel nervous... because I want to buy the right stuff and because I still kind of can't believe this is happening, as excited as I am. But yeah, still a step in the right direction!

I am trying to keep up with a good workout regime- although I feel like I am falling a little behind as my brain is melting with all of this other stuff- my body just gets tired from the brainmelt. But I started doing the 100 push up challenge and the 200 crunches challenge, so I can say that I am sore from that. I only just finished Week 1, and having never been a person who did push ups or crunches to work out before, it is at least a diversification of my workout for now! I will miss my gym membership when I am gone, but at least I will have something to do in my hut. I figure I will work on doing squats when I get to Malawi... I'm not so bored yet that I want to do squats on my own.

So hopefully, by staging.... I will have the most perfectly packed bags ever, and be able to do 100 push ups to impress my new PCT (Peace Corps Trainee) friends. Surely that will be the best ice breaker ever.

p.s. (I really am trying to relax about packing- without relaxing so much that I don't pack. My PCV friend Mike said by the time you get to staging nobody cares about what anybody packed- just don't forget duct tape. So hopefully this will become my perspective and I won't forget duct tape!)

p.p.s. Got my dental clearance finally!


  1. Hi Renee! My name is Mary and I am one of your fellow Malawi PCTs! Congrats on finally getting dental approval. How did you get a discount at North Face?

  2. Hey Mary! Google "north face pro deal" and click on the first link- there will be a login window in the top lef corner, click where it says to apply to be an authorized pro. You fill out an application- let them know that you are a Peace Corps volunteer and that you have that email that you got once you accepted your Malawi invitation- and then you will be notified via email! There are a lot of discounts listed on Peace Corps Wiki, and I've been working on applying to as many as possible to open up my shopping options! Can't wait to meet you!