Thursday, December 30, 2010

Encouraging Words

I NEED to finish my resume and aspiration statement... basically tonight. and I'm frustrated and tired of it, as it is a lot to think about and so much information to put into two documents... how much to edit? How much do they really wanna read from me? How much do I have to make exactly clear?? MY BRAIN!! AHHH MY BRAIN!!!

Otherwise, not too long after I found out I emailed all of my favorite professors from college that I am still in touch with, and they sent me back some really nice and encouraging words that are getting me thru this process (yes, I'm still being processed- have to get NEW passport photos and go to the dentist for one last time next week). I will be relieved when I am only panicking about packing.

Here are some of their kind words below that touch my heart so much and mean so much to me. I have the utmost respect for these people and I know I wouldn't be here, a peace corps invitee, without them!

"I'm really pleased that you're going to Malawi. Considering how much you enjoyed The Gambia experience, I imagine you will find the Peace Corps even more rewarding. You are so fortunate to have these kinds of experiences. They will enrich your entire life, and you will draw upon them for strength and inspiration, come what may."
"I am happy you are joining the Peace Corps. I think you will do a lot of good for everyone you come in contact with. They are lucky to have you. I am so proud of you and your commitment. You are a true citizen of the world and I am pleased to have a small part in your success."
"Congratulations Renee! Malawi has been called the Switzerland of Africa - beautiful landscape, but it will certainly be a challenging country to work in. I'm sure it will be a tremendous experience for you, and congratulations on your position there!"

During the holidays while I was seeing my family I kept hearing such kind words from them as well, that it actually warms my heart so much that mayyyybe I teared up leaving Christmas Eve celebrations. It means the world to me that all these people I love and respect are so happy for me- especially after a hard year including getting laid off. I feel like I'm finally being put back into my place in the world with Peace Corps and I couldn't be more excited.

But I could be more prepared... and so I'm off to go flip out some more!! :-)


  1. haha aww, you'll make it! My aspiration statement was super long, but partly that was just me being verbose. I feel like there were so many things I wanted to say, and obviously I couldn't just make a list, so I had to use real sentences and try to make them run together nicely :) Why do you have to get new passport pictures taken? I think I do too eventually to bring some with me - I only got enough to send off for my passport and visas. Best of luck to you Renee!

  2. I suspect a lot of people write a lot... I've just never been the biggest writer, I'd rather have a conversation for days! Hopefully I will finish it in the next day... I had a headband on in my passport picture and they called and let me know that was unacceptable- which annoys me cuz I feel like the guy that took my pictures should have told me!! Cuz it cost me money!! Blah. But I'll get it taken care of and sent away soon enough. WHEW...

  3. LOL a headband??? that is weird, was it a gigantic headband?

  4. you can do it, i am so happy for you.