Friday, December 17, 2010


I actually found out yesterday. My package arrived at my mom's house but I was stuck at my sister's by the SNOW!! It wasn't too much snow but all I kept hearing was that the roads were treacherous, so I avoid driving in messes like that around me at all costs. My mom called me and opened it over the phone with me and let me know that I am going to MALAWI!!!

I really couldn't believe it- I could NOT believe that I am going back to Africa!! Even though they always let you know that your area could change from your nomination [by a pretty good percentage], I had pretty much conceded to my nomination area of the world. and I assumed that Africa just wasn't going to be in the cards, and I accepted it- as much as I would have loved to go back... except... NOW I AM GOING BACK!!

So I'm going to Malawi, as part of the Community Health and HIV/AIDS program, to be a Community Health Advisor!! It looks like my volunteer history since October has really influenced my placement, which I am more than happy about!! I know my youth development experience and current volunteer experience are going to play together into making me a useful volunteer for Malawi- which suffers from one of the highest country AIDS rates in the world.

They advise you read the Welcome Book before officially accepting your invitation (which you do via email) so I just finished reading the 100 page online welcome book. It was extremely informative about what my life and work might be like in Malawi. And I must say that I am definitely up for the adventure, while being aware of the highs and lows. So I just sent in my email of invitation acceptance, and now have plenty of paperwork to take care of to keep the process moving. I must say that I am SO SO excited!

One thing I can already say after reading the Welcome Book- is that I am pretty much going to be living in the bush (that mudhut I have always dreamed of having all on my own!). This means that myself and friends and family will have to bring back the art of letter writing for sure!! But I look forward to it, I wrote a lot of letters in The Gambia and it was fun. Let's get to it family!!

I'm happy to share my news with those of you out there in the blogosphere and my friends and family, and am looking forward to sharing everything over the holidays. Thanks everyone for your support!!


  1. Congrats! And, best wishes in everything.

  2. Super congrats! I'm so excited for you! ^__^

  3. I have been invited to serve in Malawi as well.