Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GOODBYE DENTAL. (hopefully)

I got my tooth pulled today. I have to say, the whole process of the actual extraction part took like... 30 seconds. (after being numbed and waiting for that stuff to sink in). Pretty crazy. And I don't feel that crappy. I went to my piano lesson 2 hours after I was finished.

Anyhoo. I made copies of all my papers, wrote a little note explaining the whole situation, and put it in the mail. WOOHOO! I also just emailed the Dental-Liason I had been corresponding with letting her know that I mailed off my papers today and if she doesn't getting them in a timely fashion to holla at me (in more appropriate words). I am hoping she just writes back "10-4" and I get my dental clearance without a hitch. Please please please. I am ready to be done with that shiz, sooooo much.

So for now, I am eating soft foods, drinking ginger ale, just popped a percocet and am watching all of my Office DVDs until... forever. Haha. The little info packet on "How To Take Care Of Yourself After Your Surgery" says that the better your take care of yourself (eating, hydration, being gentle around the surgery area, etc) the quicker you heal.

And I need to heal because tomorrow is my last day of volunteering for the year! It is also volunteer appreciation night and there is no way I'm missing it. The program will start back up in January and I will be there every Wednesday until my eventual Peace Corps service departure! :-)

Cheers to dental forms no longer being in my hands, a speedy oral surgery recovery, and hearing from Placement within a week!

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  1. Any further ?s from PC - - - just send them that tooth!
    Sorry, but that is just the way I am starting to feel after reading blogs stating invitations being received for far off dates while I (we) are down to the 6 weeks wire for staging for service in the Caribbean region. BTW - I just saw a posting from an applicant who was originally nominated for SSA and he has received an invitation for Jan 27 staging to eventually serve in the Caribbean (specifically,SVG). Arrgghh.
    Oh well, good luck to you now that you have jumped all hurdles.