Friday, December 3, 2010


Seriously, I am. On Sunday! With my fam. This is a very welcome vacation from the usuals: cold weather, work, a cold (Florida cures colds- truth), and of course, Restless Applicant Syndrome (RAS). It is kind of the perfect time to take a vacation, and I appreciate my parents planning this months ago and the fates aligning that it would end up landing on this exact time of my life. Sometimes life just works out like that and I loooooove that.

I love reading all my fellow blogger's journeys in the application process (and those already serving), it is keeping me optimistic rather than adding more stress right now. I like the community :) By chance I caught my PCV friend Mike on facebook chat the other day and talking with him gave me some relief from my RAS.

So, I'm in a good place- a good place in the process and a good place to go on flippin vacation!! So goodbye all, I'll be back soon :)

(and not long after I get back I'll be getting my tooth pulled and sending my dental forms in!! WOO!)

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  1. been there on the waiting! Nothing for it i assure you...just go on as though nothings happening. (thats like telling someone to grow taller!) Disney World rocks...Space Mountain is fun, go on that!

    PCV M20 Mongolia