Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who LIKES the dentist!?

Seriously. I pose this question to you. Is it just people with perfect teeth who like the dentist? Like the dentist is just another place to go to get praised, people with perfect teeth?! IS THAT WHAT IT IS?!?!

(cough) Ahem. For those of you readers who know me, I am not one of those people with perfect teeth (and it seems to be clear that I have a vendetta with those people). Yeah. I had teeth pulled (11 to be exact). I had braces (for what felt like 11 years). My orthodontist said he was going to retire when all his patients had their braces off- and I was the last one and was taking too long so he retired before I was done with them. TRUE STORY. Anyway. The point is. I don't like the dentist.

And my dental forms aren't sent in yet- and not due to my own negligence. I believe I have been quite on top of my game with this whole medical clearance business (got it right the first time!). But due to my own dental woes, my forms are not yet turned in.

Peace Corps provides us with a list of doctors who will do the very thorough exam and xrays for free- and I am all about the free! I found a local doctor and made an appointment. He was an extremely nice and friendly dentist- and I actually thoroughly enjoyed the experience (except when he was poking my gums with sharps tools and they were bleeding and hurting and he was being critical of it) but I was happy I sought him out. However, he also discovered that I had 2 cavities. BOOOOOOO.

So, I have to get those cavities filled before I can turn in the paperwork. And because I have incredibly lame dental insurance, the awesome doctor who poked my gums was not covered and since I'm on a budget, I had to seek a dentist in my plan. After a month of going back and forth with a list of every dentist in my plan in my county, I was FINALLY able to get a "new patient" appointment at a dentist, and that happened yesterday.

Ugh. It was not a pleasant experience. I was not too fond of the dentist or the hygienist or whoever it was that took my xrays. BUT. They were able to schedule me for what is now 3 fillings for Friday morning. The dentist will sign off that the work is done on my forms, and I will head right to the post office to send that stuff away. WHEW. I can't wait.

I know I can get my invitation without having my dental sent in- but since I'm ahead of my timeline for my invite, it wasn't so bad that I've held onto it for so long. But I will be happy when it is out of my hands and I get my dental clearance. Then it will be just me wait wait waiting for my invitation.


(I hate this post. But I thought I should write it since it directly relates to the applicant process, and I know I gotta represent with all my other applicant bloggers out there!)

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