Monday, October 11, 2010

PC = Peace Corps

PC is an acronym for Peace Corps. Over the course of the time period that I plan to write in this blog, you will see many forms of the acronym:
  • PCT: Peace Corps Trainee
  • PCV: Peace Corps Volunteer
  • RPCV: Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
For now, I am a Peace Corps Nominee- which unfortunately isn't commonly acronym'd, but I like to call my self a Peace Corps Nominee, because that is basically what I am right now. On July 20th, I submitted my online application to the Peace Corps. "Online" might make it sound like its not big thing, but its a very long and tedious application. When I made the decision that I was definitely going to apply on July 19th, I started my online application and put hours into it until I was able to submit it on July 20th. Most people probably take more than one day to do it, but it was a boring summer for me so I had plenty of time to put in.

On August 31st, I had my interview with a Peace Corps recruiter in DC. By that time, I had 5 excellent references, Googled incessantly for possible interview questions, and spent the night in DC before so there was no chance I would be late for my 10am interview (and I was staying 5minutes away, which didn't hurt either). I was extremely nervous during the interview- but I got past it and it went extremely well. The recruiter nominated me on the spot, right there in front me! She was asking where or when I wanted to leave, and I said anywhere, as soon as possible. On that day, I was nominated to leave in February/March 2011, to either Central/South America or The Carribbean, to the Community Services Program (Youth Development). I was ecstatic! It doesn't happen to everyone that they get nominated during their interview- and Youth Development is the smallest number of volunteers in an already competitive process, so I felt proud of myself and sooo ready for everything that was to come.

I was then sent my medical and dental forms. I was poked and prodded all over, had plenty of blood taken from me and peed in a few cups over the course of September. It was exhausting making appointments and talking on the phone so much to what seemed to be inept medical receptionists- but when I turned in all of my medical paperwork I felt incredibly relieved. On October 4th, I received my provisional medical clearance- provisional because although I have been cleared, I haven't been officially invited. (My dental forms are actually still processing but I can be invited without them)

To be "invited" is to receive my Peace Corps assignment- which country I will go to and when I will depart for it. They refer to it as an "invitation" because I do have the option of saying no. But... I won't. I am willing to take my youth development skills to anywhere they offer me to help those that are asking for and need my help. I am extremely excited about getting my invitation because I am extremely excited to go! EXTREME!

I am trying not to be anxious about waiting for my invitation because this process has actually gone unusually fast- many people don't get nominated so quickly, don't get their medical forms processed so quickly, etc. It hasn't even been 3 months since I submitted my online application and for some to get this far in the application process can take upwards of 6months or a year. So I am lucky, and I feel like this is all aligning for the reason that I am a person that is supposed to do this.

I am planning on writing in this blog until I get my invitation, then depart for service, and return from service- so potentially I will be writing in this blog until 2013. Although I don't know what my internet access will be like while I am abroad, I am planning on writing plenty that I will try to transfer onto here when I get the chance. And when I return (and become an RPCV), I will surely muse on the madness that is reverse culture shock. And I hope you will all be along for the journey of my experience with PC!


  1. Holy cow you got medical clearance fast! Also, even though you are only one post in, I think I will quite dig your blog. Good luck on getting an invite! I am nominated for March as well and just got my medical in last week, so I am hoping for clearance (or a "hey we need this" memo) this week!

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of PC blogging!! Its crazy that you've been medically cleared so fast. I'm still waiting for them to process my forms. I'm nominated for Central/South America in Community Dev- NGO Focus leaving June 2010.

    I look forward to reading your updates!

  3. Congrats and I look forward to following your blog. Hoping your invite arrives soon and your journey can begin. Best wishes!!

  4. LOL I just realized that you may not know my nick name of "Betty" so again Good Luck and MJ, Kaden and I will check in on your blog! Hey, what happens to Bernard while you are away??
    Love, Donna, MJ and Kaden

  5. I am excited to take the journey with you. I love your writing. I did not want the blog to end. This is weird but I had a vision of you being interviewed by Anderson Cooper. Just saying...