Friday, October 22, 2010

The Elusive "PO"

PO is yet another Peace Corps abbreviation which stands for "Placement Officer". The Placement Officer is the person who handles your file at the Office of Placement and places you in a country's program. And that country is where I will receive my invitation to! So this PO is a very important person- and a person I have been reading about in a lot of other applicant's blogs.

But... right now, I don't have a PO. And this began to concern me as I continued to read about it- albeit, many of the blogs I read are about people in slightly different stages of the application process. I knew my application is at the Office of Placement (I was informed of that when I got my medical clearance), but where is my PO???!! So since I was already in an email convo with my recruiter, I asked her if I should have already been contacted by my PO or what (since I knew she had sent my updated volunteer experience to the Placement Team). My lovely lovely recruiter whom I would be lost without said...

"You will be assigned a Placement Officer, who will, about 3 months or possibly prior, be in touch with you before your nominated departure month."

Alrighty. Whew. My anticipated departure date (heavy on the ANTICIPATION) is still potentially 4months away [if I leave in February] or 5 months if I leave in March! So that still puts me a time away from this 3 months PO assignment... alright. At least this gives me something to look forward to and hear from before my long anticipated invitation. I will definitely feel reassured when I hear from them.

By the end of all this, I will have mastered the waiting game to the highest degree! Bring it!

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