Monday, January 16, 2012

Calling All Bwanas!

Bwana means boss, and all my readers out there, whom I believe are mostly American, that means you. You are boss and wealthy because you live in America, hooray! Now I need your help so I can help my Malawian friends.

As most of you should know by now, I am coming to visit America soon- like in 3 months!!! Hello, let's start making plans!! But anyhoo, a few of my Malawian friends are interested in upgrading the technology (or lack of technology) in their lives and are looking for laptops. I am wondering if any of you might be selling your old ones. This is what my friends are looking for:

Friend 1: netbook (ideally), main uses will be word processing and the internet, and needs USB ports.
Friends 2&3: looking for laptops with all of the above but also, a cd player/burner.

And that's really it. I'd be willing to do the computer hardrive wiping and uploading of software myself (I'm pretty sure anyway that I can ask the PC IT guy to help me with that). If you are interested in selling your computer for a fair price, please let me know! Then I can start my own mini computer class with my buds.

Oh yes, and Friend 3 is looking for an iPhone. An old one will clearly suffice, and I know all you bwanas who are upgrading to iPhone98257928475 might have an old one to sell for cheaps. Let me know!

Thanks everyone!

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